43 Free ultimate High Quality Source to create Backlinks Easily

43 Free ultimate High Quality Source to create Backlinks Easily
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43 Free ultimate High Quality Source to create Backlinks Easily

Most people suck at creating backlinks. Even I remain confused where & where not to make backlinks to get higher rankings on Google.

Let’s face it blackhat SEO link building isn’t for everyone, it can be confusing & time consuming.

Most SEO Gurus claim that backlinks are the most important deciding factors for ranking keywords on search engines. It makes backlinks imperative for us.

I want to show you my list of easy authority backlinks that only take a few minutes to get. Links that I’m using all the time right now.

So I decided to create an ultimate list of 30+ Authority Websites on which you easily create a backlink to your website. Hope it helps you to soar high in search engine rankings.

  1. Photo Bucket:-

PhotoBucket is free image hosting site. It also allows small video to be hosted. Just add a relevant image & add a link in the description.

You can easily signup for a free account or simply by using your Facebook account. The free account gives you 2GB of free storage.

  1. Im FacePlate

Right now I would consider Imfaceplate.com one of my favourite sites to get a br&ed or generic backlink from.

Although this only has a DA of 35 my articles usually index within a few hours giving me a nice br&ed link.

So what’s the process?

Simply sign up create a profile then write a quick article with a link back to your website…. That’s it.

A 300 word article will do fine for this. You could even just put a link in the website section on the profile if you like.

  1. DeviantArt-

DevaintArt is one the largest community for art work. It hosts a broad range of artworks which you can share & promote using their huge community.

Making an account on DevaintArt is very simple & free. Simply submit an Infographic or an image of your post, then add a link to your post in the description.

You get a 92 DA backlink just like that…Cool Right.

You will love to read – How I attracted 20 Quality Links in less than 30 days

  1. ImageShack-

ImageShack  is a subscription-based image hosting platform. You can easily host images here.

  1. Event Links

Getting connected to event sites is super white hat & a great way to get some authority.

Splashthat is one I’m using right now & it has a DA of 67.

Just how powerful are these?

Put it this way… with a link from this site & a few others I’m going to mention in this list, I have a keyword sitting in position 5.

For this backlink, I used my exact keyword since I did br&ing with other sites.

Very straightforward, just sign up create an event & write a few words about it then drop a link. They key is to not over think it, quickly create an event do what you need to do then move on.

I used around 200 words on my event. I just talked about a meetup to discuss Facebook marketing strategies.

  1. Dropshots-

Dropshots is another image hosting website.

With a DA of 53, anyone would want a link back to their site.

Steps are simple. First, make a free account on Dropshots. Then upload a post related image. After that, in the comment section enter the URL with some text to support as shown in the picture below.

This kind of backlinks helps you in diversifying your link profile.

  1. Photopeach

Photopeach is a website which helps you create & share slideshow easily.

The site has good domain authority that of 63. Just enter some niche related images & add a link in the description.

Don’t forget to add some text to support the link.

Few more image sharing sites:-

23hq.com, fancy.com, imgur.com, dayviews.com, pinterest.com, flickr.com

  1. Dmoz

Dmoz is one the biggest web directories in the world. It’s not easy getting a backlink from Dmoz.

If your site is worthy then sending a request to the editor might do the job for you.

  1. Scrub the Web

Info-Scrub the Web is a Website Analyser. You can submit your site for free to check the site health etc.

Scrub the Web is free to use.Just submit your site url & verify the email to confirm submission.

  1. Profile Links (Add Your Link in Your Profile)

Once again probably some of the easiest backlinks you will ever create. Some say links like this are spammy

Not if you do them correctly!

The ones who say this are the ones who go & buy 500 for $5……… Makes sense right? No

I find quality sites to do this on. Although these are not super powerful, once again they are great for diversity & br&ing.

Off the top of my head, I can think of so many sites you can do this on. I will list some in the list you find on this page.

Not so long ago I used livefyre.com & this beast has a DA of 86!

High authority profile links

  1. The BitBucket Backlinks

What in the hell is BitBucket?

This is a website where you can create coding projects.

How does this help you?

In the description of the project, you can drop a sneaky little backlink. Considering it’s got a DA of 85 then doing this is worth it, it doesn’t take very long to do it all.

  1. Directory World

Directory World is one the biggest human edited directory in the world. You can choose from 100’s of catagories to find the best suited for your website.

Getting a DA 67 might be extremely beneficial for your website. The best part about Directory World is that it’s free to use.

But usally the free submission is blocked due to a high number of websites still needed to add. You should be lucky enough to get acess to the st&ard review.

  1. So Much

So Much is another free directory like Directory World.It also has many catagories from which you can choose your relevant one.

As with all free submissions, it takes the time to get your link approved. The website claims it takes five days for the link to get approved.

  1. Jayde

Jayde.com, the B2B Search Engine. All of your business searches needs in one place. Whether it’s a company name, product, service or other information.

It also allows you to submit a free link under the respective categories. With a DA of 58, this directory is a nice choice.

Web Directories might be considered by some as low quality & less importance, but a few links from here are nice enough to diversify your link profile.

Few more Web Directories-

    Free Website Directory


    Vie Search

    Business Seek


    Directory My Link

    Directory Fire

    Pro Link Directory 

  1. Artwork links

Wait.. what Artwork?

In this one, you can use deviantart to upload a bit of Art then do what you need to do to get that power.

So this is site is 92 DA!… BOOM

Super easy to do this one. Find a picture or infographic that you can use then put a link in the image description.

This is the only place I have done this so far, I’m sure there will be more out there.

  1. Creating Slideshows

This one is a neat trick.

Over at Photopeach.com you can create a slideshow that has a clickable link in it, sending the juice to your website.

The domain had a DA of 65.

Sign up then create a slideshow with some text overlaying it. Within the text add your hyperlink or anchor as most of us call it.

  1. LiveFyre

LiveFyre is a real time-content marketing tool. It’s ranked fith online network in the world.

You can create a free account on LiveFyre.The main aim is to add a link to your profile.

Just sign up for a free account. After this add a short bio & add your site in the Website section. This way easily you can get an 85 DA profile link.

  1. Author Stream

AuthorStream enables presenters to upload & share PowerPoint, Keynote & PDF presentations online.

Just sign up for a free account. Edit your profile & the website link & also add a short intro about yourself.

An example is shown below.

  1. Wayne

WAYNE is a travel social network. Its stated goal is to help discover where to go & meet like-minded people.

Sign up for a free account first. Then add a link back to your website in the Author Bio.

  1. Quora

Quora is a Question & Answer website. The website was found in 2009.

Quora is not only helped you to get content ideas but also provide you targetted traffic. Signing up on Quora is damn simple.

After creating a free account add a link to your website in the Bio section. A important thing to note is that it takes time for the backlink to index . Hence don’t hope for instant results.

  1. Dirty Coupon Code

I call this dirty because I actually get a bit of traffic from it, but there is really no Coupon…. Opps.

We need to do what we need to do to get that juice!

Alright, so this is another cool trick to throw juice your way.

I use cheaperseeker.com for this, there are a TON of others you can use as well.

Sign up then create a small description explaining the coupon. This will then create a backlink from the coupon itself to your website.

With a DA of 37 it’s not as high as I would like however, I do it on other sites I find to make up for it.

  1. Creating A Presentation

Over at Iissuu.com you can create a presentation then place a link going back to you.

Making the presentation is quick & easy.

I did 3 pages then put my link on the last one. All you need for this is a few words & some images & it’s all done.

Submit then BOOM, you now have juice from a DA 95 site…. glorious.

Keep the work nice & simple. It shouldn’t take very long to get these backlinks done.

  1. Create A List

Over at list.ly you can create a list of interest from links.

Another easy one, Who am I kidding these are all easy!

Sign up & simply create a list of your “interest” then link pages from your website.

I would do 3 or 4 just to make it look legit.

This is the only site I have used for this & it has a DA of 68. I’m not aware of any others, I’m sure there will be some around.

  1. About.me

About.me is a free website to create your profile page . You can easily add a link to your profile by creating a free account.

Few more Profile Link Website –















issuu is a free electronic publishing platform for magazines, catalogs, newspapers & more. You can easily make a free account for publishing a document.

Make sure you write original content in the document. Add a link to your website after uploading the document.


Zoho Office Suite is a web-based online office suite containing word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis & web conferencing.

The process is similar to the previous one. First, you need to sign up for a free account . Then submit a post related document & leave a link back to the post in the description.


DropBox is file hosting service which lets you store your documents, files , photos in the cloud & also share it with your friends.

First create a free account. After this link your website in the document & in the description. Make sure the content your uploading is relavant & unique.

Few other document sharing websites –

Google Drive





  1. Getting A Chess Backlink

What Am I talking about?

Well, you can get a link from Chess.com

…Franklin, Why would I want a link from that site?

There is no particular reason however, it’s easy to do & has a DA of 63 so why not?

When you sign up you can write a blog post…. you guessed it then you can sneak a link in there.

I just wrote some information about playing chess. Nothing special here & once again nice & simple. Don’t over think it.

Not only will you get some juice you can tell your mates you have a backlink from Chess.com.

  1. Document Sharing

Very similar to the presentation method but with PDFs.

Did you know it’s SUPER easy to make a PDF…. in like 20 seconds.

All you need to do is choose a page from your website, go to printfriendly.com place the page URL in the bar then hit “print preview”

Then click PDF & Download…. How easy was that?

Before you do this make sure you have a backlink on the page you copy to your website. You can always delete this after if you like. (it will be in the downloaded PDF)

Sign up to any of the document sharing websites in my list below. Once signed up just upload the file.

  1. The Super Easy Pen.io

This is basically a web 2.o however it’s on of my favourites since it’s so much easier to do than others.

Pen.io is another site with some killer DA stats, racking in a total of 72.

With most web 2.o blogs it’s recommended you actually take some time with them by posting 2 or 3 articles & making them looks like a real site.

With Pen.io, A picture & a link will do just fine here with a few words. That’s all you can do anyway.

If you want to use more context you can add a full article, I sometimes do this if I have an extra article somewhere.

  1. ImFaceplate

ImFaceplate is a site which helps you to add a relevant article of about 300 words. It’s one the easiest site to get a br&ed generic backlink.

The articles usually index in a few hours giving you a nice br&ed link.

Just make a free account. Then add a relevant article with a backlink to your website. You also add a backlink in the profile section.

32.Bit Bucket

Bit Bucket is the website which helps you create coding projects. Adding a backlink is super easy & effortless.


Just put your backlink in the description. With a DA of 85, it seems worth your time getting a backlink to your website.


CheapSeeker is a website which helps you claim coupon codes & deals.

First, signup & add a description of your website & coupon code. Adding coupon codes will easily give you a nice juicy backlink. Coupon code can be anything.

Though this website has a DA only of 31, it’s still the worth because setting up takes hardly some minutes.

  1. Get A Website Review

There are places all over the internet where you can get a website review. When creating these, you get a nice backlink.

I’ve used Criticue.com a few times & it works well.

Get a URL from your site & place it in the submission bar on the homepage & it will take a screenshot.

Write some information. I wrote “do you like my theme? Should I change it”?

Now hit submit & you will be asked to sign up.

After this is done the link will be live…. takes me about 30 seconds to do this.

website feedback

  1. Selling A Piece Of Art

No we actually won’t sell art but we are going to list some artwork for sale.

As weird as these sounds you still get a link from it & that’s all that matters.

What if someone actually buys the art?

No idea, that hasn’t happened to me yet. Just put a super high price on it.

Make a new account on Artid.com

Before doing the next step, you need to find or make some artwork. Any type of picture will do as long as it’s royalty free.

When it comes time to add the image just upload it then add a short description & the backlink.

As for the price just put the highest you can.

  1. Submit A Logo

If you can, get into photoshop & make a basic logo. Any other design software will do if you don’t have photoshop

Recently I used Freelogohub.com & submitted my one.

With a DA of 16, it might not really be worth it. I used it for diversity so it worked fine for me.

I have included some stronger websites in my list.

When you do the submission, add the backlink to the website URL section. It will require approval but that doesn’t take long. 

  1. List.ly

This website to help you create a list of your interest. Add 3-4 websites in addition to your website to make it look genuine.

With a DA of 72, anyone would want a link back to their website.

  1. Pen.io

Pen.io is a Web 2.0 website. Unlike other Web2.0 sites, this can be easily setup.

You can easily add an image & some text to get started. Unlike other similar sites where you need to add at least 3-4 posts to get started.

You can also add infographics to link back to your website.

  1. Criticue

Criticue is a website which helps you review your website. The nice part it’s free of cost.

Just enter URL & click on Take Screenshot. After this just enter your question.

Example – ” Is the Theme for the website is ok, or I need to change it. ”

  1. Forum Links

I’ve talked about these before & a lot of people have forgotten about them.

… or think they are spam.

Let me put this myth to sleep.

So forum links don’t exactly hold much ranking power or push great authority. We know this but they are great for diversity.

You might remember my post last month about making money online with Shopify. It sort of went viral on a few forums.

From those forums & the few social signals it got, I’m now ranking in the 2nd position for my main keyword & on the first page for about 6 others.

Forum links are no joke & niche related ones do the trick. The article mentioned above has a nice do follow forum backlink so that would of pushed a little power.

Most of them will be no follow, these are still good. Good for diversity & niche related backlinks.

I only use naked URLs in forums, no point in trying to use exact keywords with anchors, save those for the strong links.

Getting these links to stick is very easy. This video explains how it’s done correctly.

  1. Wikipedia

These links are no-follow but with a DA of 95 why not grab one.

You can pay someone to do this for you or do it yourself for free.

If you want to try this out, there is a post at Affiliate Hustle that can help.

When it comes to SEO some say these links are not worth it & some say they are.

In my opinion, anything on your profile from Wikipedia looks good. 

  1. Soup.io

Soup.io is another one of those super easy web 2.0 blogs that doesn’t need much attention.

Sometimes I like to add 2 or 3 articles for more context, When I’m lazy I don’t.

In one I did recently I put up an image then a small snippet of text with the backlink.

That’s it

With web 2.0s you can boost them for more authority, more on that soon.

With a domain authority of 68 & only a few minutes to complete this one is worth it.

web 2.0s

  1. Press Release

Another good one for br&ing. I only use URLs or br& keywords for anchors when doing these.

I don’t usually submit them myself but it’s very easy to do. If you don’t want to pay for it like I do to save time, this is what you can do.

Go to Google & type in something like “top free press release websites”

Sign up then submit an article you have written with your media information.

You will need longer articles for this, your can either outsource them or to do it for free & write it yourself.

  1. Video Sharing

This one is well known & another good one for br&ing.

Share your links on websites like Youtube.

You will need to find a place where you can make free slideshows. Photodex.com has a tree trial, I just use that.

Make the video related to your niche then upload it to whatever video sharing site you can find. I do it 2-4 times.

When doing the video descriptions, place the backlink somewhere in there. Just the URL will work fine.

You never know, if you optimise the video right it might even start ranking in the search engines.

SEMrush SEMrush

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